What if you knew exactly what to do to capture candid vacation memories in a meaningful way? 

Creatively capture your next trip with ease!

Learn the very BEST way to take uniquely beautiful photos with Photos Far From Home.

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You've Tried Everything You Can Think of, BUT...

Most of the photos we want to take while on vacation are during mid-day when the sun is harsh. In turn, your family has harsh shadows on their face.

Then there's your family. The ones you want to be present for. The ones who also don't want to stop their fun to pose for a photo. You strive to get candid shots that don't look posed.

You want photos that are more than snapshots.

Since our children don't stop moving (and who can blame them - they are having fun), it makes it difficult to get sharp photos.

I get it. I've been there.

The pressure of having to choose between participating in the activity or taking pictures of the activity seems to be too much.

It just feels overwhelming.

Vacation should be a time to connect with your family while capturing memories of the location and fun.

That's where Photos Far From Home comes in.

Before I tell you more about this information-packed course, let's talk about who this is really for... 

  • You wish you could take beautiful travel photos that you can't wait to share.

  • You struggle with creating interesting photos.

  • You want to feel confident that you can get the shot in any situation.

  • You want to make adjustments quickly in the ever-changing lighting conditions.

  • You are tired of missing the spontaneous moments.

Sound familiar? If so, you're in the right place.  Photos Far From Home is a step-by-step course to help you confidently capture the big & little moments. You’ll be amazed at how good your photos can be – and how quickly you’ll improve!

It's time to break free from the struggle with Photos Far From Home

By the end of this mini-course,

you will... 
  • Get your settings right to take quick pictures that are tack sharp (even with active children)

  •  What photos you need to tell the complete story of your trip

  • How to find the best lighting (no matter what time of day you are out)
  • Most important settings you should start with when shooting at night
  • Avoid harsh shadows on faces when taking pictures during midday (yes, even at the beach)

  • What steps you need to take when you get home to keep your photos organized (If you skip this step it may take you years to do something with your photos)

  • How to quickly find any photo from any trip in seconds

Go from Snapshots to Candid Moments

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you had a streamlined method that taught you exactly what you need to know to enjoy & photograph your next trip.

You would confidently KNOW how to get your kids to want to be in the photo, deal with harsh shadows on faces due to photos in midday sun, and how to stay present in the moment but also capture it.

Inside, you'll learn the exact same framework to take photos without letting the stress of a photo to take away from the excitement & fun while you are away from home

You want to be able to capture the story of your trip, however, there are lots of new variables to consider.

If you want to enjoy your trip while still capturing the big & little moments, this mini-course is for YOU.

The focus on authentic photographic story-telling is such an important and rare perspective and underlying theme that threads all sessions together so that photographers can walk away from this course ready to capture real memories in a meaningful way.


Courtney has made a fun class filled with tons of actionable tips & techniques!


This course changed my entire perspective on taking photos, not only during vacation, but my day to day photographs of my family.

Let me ask you...

What if you were excited to pick up your camera, get predictable results, & preserve your memories?

It's time to enjoy your trip while capturing the big & little moments!

In this step-by-step course, you'll get the lessons I learned that transformed my photography. 

This is EXACTLY how I went from occasionally lucking out with a snapshot to creating candid memories.

I know you’re busy!

These focused, practical lessons are easy to fit into your schedule and learn at your own pace.

Yes! I want this ➡

Let's Take a look inside the course

The breakdown


  • Get your settings right to take quick pictures that are tack sharp (even with active children)

  • How to deal with crowds on vacation

  • Learn how to get in the photo yourself instead of always being behind the camera

  • What photos you need to tell the complete story of your vacation



  • How to find the best lighting (no matter what time of day you are out)

  • Most important settings you should start with when shooting at night

  • Avoid harsh shadows on faces when take pictures during midday (yes, even at the beach)



  • What steps you need to take when you get home to keep your photos organized (If you skip this step it may take your years to do something with your photos)

  • Start-to-finish upload, edit, & export your images from Lightroom

  • How to quickly find any photo from any vacation in seconds



  • What to do with your photos once you are home

  • How to enjoy your images in every room of your house

  • Exact companies I use & recommend for high quality prints & photobooks


You're going to



13 information-packed videos

You can learn it all in an easy to understand language. Watch me as I share images in different light & situations.

30+ pages of Q&A

Read real questions from real student who have gone through the course. I you have a question I'm sure it is covered in these PDFs.

Learn at your own pace

Do you want to sit down and binge the whole course, no problem. Maybe you want to learn a bit a time. The information is broken into four easy to understand modules.

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to all course materials so you can come back to this course at any time to continue to grow as a photographer.


In this mini-course you will learn the very BEST way to take beautiful photos.

Today $79


Take your travel photos to the next level

I cracked the code & now I'm sharing it all with you

Hi! I'm Courtney Slazinik

Follow in the footsteps of the journey I took 14 years ago – when I started learning how to photograph the memories my family & I were making.

Trips are a time to connect and experience new thing. I wanted to capture these memories but struggled to go beyond the snapshot.  

Slowly, I cracked the code. Figured out how to get my settings right. Discovered the magic of working with light. And began to compose rich, interesting images that really tell the story of our travels.

Now, I’ve put all the most important lessons together in Photos Far From Home.

It's exactly what you need before you take your next trip.

And it will have you taking beautiful, professional-style photos 
of the people & things you love in no time!




With this course you will take control of your photos and help you create images that you love.

One more time, here's what you'll love about Photos Far From Home:

  • Lifetime access to this course to come back and review any time.

  •  30+ pages of downloadable & easy-to-print PDF notes to help accompany each week's videos. You can learn photography while you wait in the carpool lane.

  •  Instant Access to start building your foundation today immediately after purchase. Binge the whole course if you would like.

  •  The 30-Day Happiness Guarantee...I'm so confident you'll love it, I back it with a promise.



Give Photos Far From Home a try for 30 days, 100% RISK FREE!

Here's the deal. I'm absolutely confident that this course will transform the way you take pictures, use your camera and capture memories. 

As a mom who was frustrated with her camera, I had to learn the hard way how to take photos of my family. But I found that it doesn't have to be that hard or frustrating! That's why I created this course, so any beginner, mom, or grandmother can quickly and easily learn how to take stunning images, without the frustration that I went through. 

Go ahead and give the program a try today. I know you'll quickly feel total confidence and joy in your camera. 

I only want to create programs and trainings that are 100% applicable and insightful, without the fluff. So, if at any time during the first 30 days you feel like the course isn't right for you, for any reason at all, simply let my team know and we'll happily refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked. It's our total happiness guarantee.

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